TourTurf® Respond Penetrator

TourTurf® Respond Penetrator

TourTurf Respond Penetrator - for the removal of excess surface water and a waterlogged rootzone

Excessive surface moisture and waterlogged soils can cause many issues effecting turfgrass health. Excessive surface moisture can lead to surface algae, slime mould and provide optimum environmental conditions for turf grass diseases like Fusarium Patch and Dollar Spot.

Waterlogged soils restricts the natural air flow of oxygen into the rootzone, this can cause anaerobic soil conditions known as black layer. This results in a toxic environment in the rootzone.

Why to Use:

  • Highly effective wetting agent.
  • Increases water infiltration into soil profile.
  • Respond Penetrator allows water to infiltrate through the whole of the soil profile.
  • Works throughout the rootzone profile not just the surface.
  • Allows uniform distribution of water through the soil profile.
  • Ideal for waterlogged areas.

Surfactant - TourTurf Respond Penetrator
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