Wetting Agents

Wetting Agents

Here you'll find the newest generation of wetting agents for highly efficient water management on turf.

The wetting agents help to balance the soil and relief the turf plant of stress. Also excellent prevention of dew formation and disease management of turf.

TourTurf® Dew Control

Excellent prevention of dew formation and disease management. A cost effective method! TourTurf Dew Control is a very cost effective method of removing dew compared to labour intensive switching. The new formulation of TourTurf Dew Control is foliar applied. The surfactant and plant oil formulation reduces the accumulation of the dew by lowering the surface tension of the water when it comes into contact with the leaf blade. The plant oils have a strong binding capacity which help stick the product to the leaf blade.
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TourTurf® Respond Extreme

TourTurf Respond Extreme is an extremely efficient Wetting Agent. It comes as a liquid product. It helps to balance the soil and relief the turf plant of stress. It will counteract the effects of LDS (Localized Dry Spot) by bringing water repellency down to 0, and minimize summer stress related diseases like Anthracnose.
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TourTurf® Respond Penetrator

TourTurf Respond Penetrator - for the removal of excess surface water and a waterlogged rootzone. Excessive surface moisture and waterlogged soils can cause many issues effecting turfgrass health. Excessive surface moisture can lead to surface algae, slime mould and provide optimum environmental conditions for turf grass diseases like Fusarium Patch and Dollar Spot.
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