Organic Balanced 10-5-15 + 2 % Mg + 1 % Fe

Organic Balanced 10-5-15 + 2 % Mg + 1 % Fe

Premium Organic: TourTurf Organic Balanced.
Organic mineral fertilizer for grass.
Gives even balanced growth for all turf areas.
Fine Grade

TourTurf Organic Balanced: An organic mineral NPK fertilizer with 4.0 % organic nitrogen, 4.0 % urea and 2.0% ammonium. Also contains microorganisms in the form of Bacillus sp., Azospirillium sp. and Pseudomonas sp., as well as humic substances, magnesium, iron and seaweed. Optimal for fertilizer use over the summer, where even growth with strong plants is desired. Produces a healthy green turf colour and strong roots.

Usage: April - September, 250-350 kg/ha. Use 1-2 times a year on grass etc. Effective for up to three months. Does not require after-watering.

TourTurf Organic Balanced contains 40 % organic material in the form of feathermeal, meat- and bone meal, coffee shells, plus 2.0 % dried seaweed and 2.0 % humic acid.

TourTurf Organic Balanced - Organic mineral fertilizer for grass
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