TourTurf Bio Plant Activator 3-3-3 + 2 % Mg + 1 % Fe

TourTurf Bio Plant Activator 3-3-3 + 2 % Mg + 1 % Fe

Premium Organic: TourTurf Bio Plant Activator
100 % organic fertilizer with humic substances, seaweed, mycorrhizae fungi and bacteria.
Approved for organic farming.
Normal Grade

TourTurf Bio Plant Activator helps to ensure that the natural biology of the soil is kept optimal or renewed by increasing the amount of beneficial fungi and bacteria. Also prevents many types of turf diseases and outbreaks. The product is a unique blend of organic nutrients, seaweed, organic humus particles and a solid pack of mycorrhiza fungi and the microorganisms Bacillus sp. and Azospirillium sp.

The fertilizer is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Mix with, for example, garden soil or pot soil. Follow the dosage instructions and fill the planting hole or pot with the mixed soil. Water well after planting. Use product to inoculate new greens with beneficial microorganisms. You can also use TourTurf Bio Plant Activator in connection with other soil improvement products, with compost or with organic fertilizer products.

Information about the fertilizer

TourTurf Bio Plant Activator is a a 100 % organic NPK fertilizer product which includes beneficial and natural microorganisms. The product is derived from, amongst other things, kelp meal, feather meal, meal of cocoa shells, rock phosphate and vinasse. The product does not contain poultry manure.

Dr. Ir. Jacqueline Baar, Biomygreen BV, Holland: “Mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria are natural soil organisms. They are beneficial for plants and trees. Use of mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria stimulate root growth, increase plant health and reduces sensitivity to drought. These soil organisms improve soil structure. Plants and trees with mycorrhizal fungi absorb two to three times more CO2 than plants with hardly or no mycorrhizal fungi”.

TourTurf Bio Plant Activator - Organisk planteaktivator
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