TourTurf® High PK 0-18-15

TourTurf® High PK 0-18-15

TourTurf HIGH PK 0-18-15 - Seaweed and Humic acids for stress reduction

TourTurf High PK 0-18-15 is a Phosphorus supplement based on Potassium Phosphite that has been specially designed for use on amenity turfgrass areas. Both the Potassium and the Phosphorus are in readily available, fully water-soluble forms, ensuring the turfgrass plant takes up both the P and K rapidly, especially under stress conditions.

Phosphorus is a vital element in the metabolic processes within the plant. It is an important constituent in enzymes and proteins as well as being a structural component of phosphoproteins, phospholipids and nucleic acids. Plants suffering from Phosphorus deficiency use water less efficiently, are susceptible to growth suppression, less tolerant of cold temperatures and take longer to root.

Although rootzones normally have Phosphorus reserves in them, in order for it to be taken up by the plant it must first be dissolved in the soil water surrounding roots and soil particles. Unfortunately Phosphorus is relatively insoluble in water. This, along with other factors e.g. pH, moisture levels, Oxygen supply and chemical reactions with other minerals to form insoluble precipitates, results in soil water supplies of Phosphorus often lacking.

Phosphite (as a Phosphorus source) which is present in TourTurf High PK has one less Oxygen molecule than traditional Phosphate itself and so has a higher degree of solubility and mobility. This unique characteristic permits phosphate to be readily absorbed by the leaves and root system. Once absorbed it undergoes oxidation resulting in a release of Phosphorus. By using phosphite, turf develops more root growth and more vigorous leaf growth and also provides benefits of stress resistance.

TourTurf High PK Seaweed and Humic acids for stress reduction
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