TourTurf® FDC Autumn + R Factor 9-0-0 + 5 % Fe

TourTurf® FDC Autumn + R Factor 9-0-0 + 5 % Fe

Plant-strengthening tonic for all types of grass

TourTurf FDC Autumn + R Factor is an effective preventive and plant-strengthening tonic for use during periods where there is a risk of disease infection. Guaranteed content 5 % Fe.

TourTurf FDC has six modes of action:

  • Provides dew control to keep the blade and root collar of the grass dry. Contains surfactants, which help to repel dew and damp from the grass.
  • Has an acidifying effect on the environment in and around the grass. FDC acidifies the environment in and around the grass surface and in the root collar of the grass through its high iron content.
  • Contains chitin – a naturally-occurring substance and the principal component in the exoskeletons of insects and shellfish. Chitin is similar to cellulose, which is why it functions as a food source for pathogenic fungi. Chitin also helps to reinforce the plant’s ability to defend itself against fungal attack.
  • Contains iron, which plays an important role in the plant’s colour and in creating balance in the iron content of the grass plant.
  • Contains essential plant oils, which are added for their antiseptic effect.
  • Added + R Factor zinc-magnesium-based biostimulant that boosts root formation, establishment and regrowth.

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Should be applied at 40 l per ha. in 700 l of water every fourth week from September to October. Minimum four applications. DO NOT MIX with other products.
If snowfall is expected, an additional 40 litres per ha. should be applied. Use TourTurf Tank Cleaner to ensure a clean tank.

TourTurf FDC Autumn + R Factor fertilizer
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