TourTurf Defend - Universal Garlic Biostimulant

TourTurf Defend - Universal Garlic Biostimulant

Plant-based biostimulant for turf, trees and bushes - incl. essential plant oils

TourTurf® Defend Universal Garlic Biostimulant is a 100% organic plant-strengthening tonic for turf, trees and bushes which is primarily composed of plant extracts (essential plant oils).

The product is in liquid form, and must be dissolved in water and applied with a sprayer.

The product does not contain chemicals of any kind. Its contents consist of extracts from well-known plants and other ingredients, and it contains 20 % garlic extract, 2 % cayenne pepper extract and 2.5 % organic nettle extract, supplemented with 5 % vinegar, 2.5 % sugars (dextrose), 4 % lime water, 1.3 % silicon and 62.3 % water.

Garlic is known to contain the sulphur compounds allicin and allixin, which have an antiseptic effect, as well as a wide range of vitamins, trace elements and minerals that promote plant health. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which also has an antiseptic effect. Nettles are rich in minerals and vitamins, and are used as organic fertilizer.

The combination of plant extracts from a further eight plants in a patented manufacturing process makes TourTurf Defend an exciting supplement to turf care on golf courses, football pitches, etc. The product strengthens the vitality of turfand makes it strong and resistant to diseases, pests and plant stress.

In normal use, the product is non-toxic and harmless to humans, the environment and animals. The product does not pollute groundwater and breaks down very rapidly.

Experience shows that TourTurf® Defend is miscible with other products including biostimulants in the form of seaweed, amino acids and humic acids. However, note the mixture of products at your own risk and and there should always be performed a small test of the miscibility before the the mix is used in full scale.

Dosage as biostimulant:

TourTurf® Defend should be applied at 2-5 l per ha in 700 litres of water at 2-4 week intervals during the growing season. Do not mix with other products. Acidifying effect. pH 2.7.
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