Pesticide Free Turf Care

Pesticide Free Turf Care

Within the range of pesticide free care we also offer plant-strengthening tonics for all types of grass, trees, and bushes.

Some of the products use our Essential Plant Oil Technology, which are added for their antiseptic effect. The formulation of each product is composed to ensure maximum synergy between its various components, resulting in strong, healthy grass and plants.

TourTurf® Defend

TourTurf® Defend Universal Garlic Biostimulant is a 100% organic plant-strengthening tonic for grass, trees and bushes which is primarily composed of plant extracts (essential plant oils). The product is in liquid form, and must be dissolved in water and applied with a sprayer. The product does not contain chemicals of any kind.
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TourTurf® FDC Autumn + R Factor

Plant-strengthening tonic for all types of grass. TourTurf® FDC Autumn + R Factor is an effective preventive and plant-strengthening tonic for use during periods where there is a risk of disease infection.
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TourTurf® Infill + R Factor

Uniquely formulated liquid fertiliser containing both macronutrients and micronutrients, LPT (Leaf/Root Penetrant Technology), and essential plant oils. TourTurf Infill + R Factor is a uniquely formulated liquid fertiliser containing both macronutrients and micronutrients, which we call + R Factor. The effective surfactant (LPT) is added to achieve optimal uptake of the product through the plant’s blade and roots. The essential plant oils included in the formula promote the health of the grass all year round.
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TourTurf® High PK

TourTurf High PK 0-18-15 is a Phosphorus supplement based on Potassium Phosphite that has been specially designed for use on amenity turfgrass areas. Both the Potassium and the Phosphorus are in readily available, fully water-soluble forms, ensuring the turfgrass plant takes up both the P and K rapidly, especially under stress conditions. Readily available source of Phosphorus in the form of Potassium Phosphite, ensuring rapid uptake into the plant. With seaweed and Humic acids for stress reduction for EXTRA stress relief. Particularly useful in times of plant stress.
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