TourTurf® Lawn Sand Granules

TourTurf® Lawn Sand Granules

Fertilizer with Seaweed for all grass species
– Mini Granular 1-2,5 mm: 4-0-0 + 8 % Fe + 10 % S

The product strengthens the plant, makes it more stress tolerant, and is an excellent treatment for moss

A traditional turf tonic used for genera- tions by Scottish and English greenkeep- ers alike. Originally a spring dressing Lawn Sand has now been recognised for its autumn and winter hardening capa- bilities and these are being exploited by turf professionals worldwide.

With a combination of iron sulphate and modest amounts of nitrogen this age-old tonic gives instant greenup and rapid plant uptake.

Sand is perfect as a carrier so the prod- uct can be used as a very fine topdress- ing. The product strengthens the plant and makes it more resistant against any stress. The seaweed contained as well makes the plant more stress tolerant.

TourTurf Lawn Sand Granules is used to treat moss and to prevent moss from spreading further. For ages it was used specifically to suppress moss and weeds. Lawn Sand is an excellent treatment for moss, supplying great control.

When applied at the correct times within the growing season the finer grass species can be encouraged to spread leading to a more pure surface.

A slight preventative effect against turf disease makes this simple product a trusted tool in turf care. The contained sulphur is said to have a natural fungicide effect. Used preventatively you can observe a higher tolerance of turf against fusarium.

By lowering the pH of the top layer of the root zone, wormcast is reduced.

A Seaweed, very low in dust, is added to our mini granular (1-2.5 mm). It contains micronutrients, vitamins and enzymes which also have hormonal capabilities. This helps to produce healthier turf, more resistant against disease.

Application: March to September. Application in dry conditions. Irrigate after application if no rain is in sight for the next 48 hours. No application during frost. Don’t mow 2-3 days after application. Mowing can cause a blackening of the turf that will go away after a couple of days.

TourTurf Lawn Sand Granules
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