Organic Soil Conditioner

Organic Soil Conditioner

NPK fertilizer and an organic soil improvement agent that acidifies the surface of the turf and that can reduce the number of worm casts on greens, tees, fairways and football pitches significantly.

TourTurf® TAG Turfgrass Amenity Granules

TourTurf TAG is a 100 % organic NPK fertilizer and a soil conditioner which improves the surface of the turf on greens, tees, fairways and football pitches significantly. Can be used on all types of other amenity areas as well. Contains magnesium and wetting agent, so it both stimulates the soil and the plant, has a good Green Up effect as well
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TourTurf® Lawn Sand Granules

TourTurf® Lawn Sand Granules strengthens the plant, makes it more stress tolerant, and is an excellent treatment for moss.
A traditional turf tonic used for genera- tions by Scottish and English greenkeep- ers alike. Originally a spring dressing Lawn Sand has now been recognised for its autumn and winter hardening capa- bilities and these are being exploited by turf professionals worldwide.
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