TourTurf® GreenPlex + LPT 0-0-4 +5 % Fe + 2 % S

TourTurf® GreenPlex + LPT 0-0-4 +5 % Fe + 2 % S

Ensures great color to iron-consuming grass and plants

TourTurf Greenplex + LPT (Leaf/Root Penetrant Technology) is a complexed liquid iron product with 5 % potassium, 5 % iron, 2 % Sulphur and a fully EDTA chelated micronutrient package. Already after 1 minute the uptake in the plant is visible. Can be used for both golf- and football tournament preparation to achieve a perfect and striking green up effect (without lush top growth). Can also be used as a winter hardener to acidify (lower the pH) and to help prevent disease on all types of turf. Use TourTurf Greenplex + LPT year round for perfect green turf without high application rates of NPK. Will tank mix well with other TourTurf products.

Iron is an essential minor nutrient for the turfgrass plant and is used by the plant for the synthesis of chlorophyll. Sports turf managers use it extensively for promoting a dark green appearance to the sward and for hardening the plant to discourage disease outbreak.

TourTurf® GreenPlex + LPT is designed to supplement fertiliser programmes and can be applied through injection and drip irrigation, fertigation or sprayer systems. TourTurf GreenPlex + LPT should be used at a minimum dilution of 1:50 in water.

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