TourTurf® is a trademark belonging to E. Marker A/S. TourTurf products are manufactured by business partners in Denmark and abroad in accordance with our specifications. Our focus is on sustainability, innovation, problem-solving and pesticide-free care of golf courses and other green facilities. Some of the products have been tested by STRI in the UK, EITS in Germany, and Oregon State University, OSU, in the United States.

The concept includes biostimulants, plant hardeners, wetting agents, iron and micronutrients, special care products, soil improvement agents, fertilisers in liquid and granulated form etc. Everything you require to get healthy growth and healthy plants. Most of the granulated NPK fertilisers in the TourTurf series are homogeneous and finely granulated products in Micro Granulate (1-2 mm) or Mini Granulate (1.5-2.5 mm). A few variants are in Normal Grade (2-4 mm). + R Factor is our very own. + R Factor is a special bio stimulant that promotes strong root growth and regrowth after disease and winter damage.

We use essential plant oils in many of our products. The use of plant oils is very important. The plant oils give significant benefits with reference to ex. healthy plant growth. The integrated use of plant oils will help any turf manager to achieve healthy turf “all-year-round”.

We listen to our customers’ requirements and problems and on the basis of this feedback, we then collaborate closely with our associated specialists to develop solutions for the benefit of both nature and our customers. No product is released for sale without thorough preparation and independent testing and end-user evaluation.

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