TourTurf ECO Universal - Organic fertilizer for grass, suitable for universal use

TourTurf® ECO Universal 16-4-8 + 1.2 % Mg + 0.5 % Fe

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Organic: TourTurf Eco Universal.
Organic fertilizer for grass, suitable for universal use.
Normal Grade

TourTurf Eco Universal may be used as fertilizer in sports and park facilities and fairways where environmental care and a green approach are required. Contains 6.0 % organic nitrogen, 9.0 % urea and 1.0 % nitrate. This, together with the large amount of organic material in the form of feather meal, cocoa shell meal and vinasse, means that the fertilizer can be applied without risk of burning the turf. A positive side effect is that the fertilizer will last longer and be less sensitive to wash out from heavy rain.

Contains natural biostimulants that strengthen the root system.


2,5-3,5 kg/100 m2
2-4 times/year

Order No.:

32020NG (20 kg)
32020BBNG (600 kg BigBag)