TourTurf TAG Turfgrass Amenity Granules surface and soil improvement

TourTurf® TAG Turf Amenity Granules

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Approved as a soil improver:

Certifikat (pdf)
Certificate (pdf)

Turf and Pitch care product that improves the soil and feed the plant. – Fine Grade:
1.4 % N, 0.7 % P205, 0.4 % K20 + 2 % Mg

TourTurf TAG is a NPK fertilizer and an organic soil improvement agent that improves the surface of the turf on greens, tees, fairways and football pitches significantly. Can be used on all types of other amenity areas as well. Contains magnesium and wetting agent, so it both stimulates the soil and the plant, has a good Green Up effect as well. The product should be used in spring and autumn and during other wet periods. Supplied in Fine Grade (1-2.5 mm).

Produced from oil seed meal which is a plant based material. Can be used 1-2 times a year in connection with aeration. Application rate 3 kg/100 m². Water in after application or applicate before rain fall. Hereafter the material can be brushed into the turf with a drag net.

Research results:
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30 gram/m2

Product no.:

11089 (20 kg)