Wakame Seaweed from New Zealand

TourTurf® Wakame Seaweed Concentrate
TourTurf Wakame Seaweed Concentrate

Approved for organic farming

TourTurf Wakame Seaweed + Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) – A concentrated nutrient enhanced seaweed extract from New Zealand

We use a 100 % wild harvested and freshly processed certified seaweed from Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand to create a completely natural foliar biostimulant and soil conditioner called TourTurf Wakame Seaweed Concentrate. The colour of our seaweed is clear and golden brown. The product is extremely bioactive as the material is extracted immediately after harvesting and it provides the turf plant with 70 key fertilizing elements such as vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.
Our Wakame seaweed is extracted exclusively from the brown algae Undaria Pinnatifida found in coastal waters in New Zealand. This type of seaweed is classified as an invasive seaweed species and the use of the product on turf is considered highly sustainable.
TourTurf Wakame Seaweed Concentrate is one of the most effective and ecologically responsible organic plant nutrient suspensions available in the world. The product has a direct stimulative effect on plants especially during early grass growth in the spring period; and in periods of stress such as drought, heat, pest and disease pressure or frost. It stimulates cell division, root formation and will improve turf growth and health.

pH value: 4


10-20 l per ha. every 2-4 weeks (March-September)

Order no.:

8801 (2 x 10 litre containers).
Possible to order in 200 litre drums