TourTurf Fairway Acidifyer FWA 10-0-0

TourTurf Fairway Acidifyer FWA 10-0-0 + 8 % Fe

TourTurf Fairway Acidifyer FWA 10-0-0 + 8 % Fe
Improves colour and vigor in amenity turf and prevents damage from turf pests
Anti-Moss Formula

TourTurf Fairway Acidifyer FWA 10-0-0 + 8 % Fe is a unique liquid nitrogen fertilizer with iron. The product is made of a synergistic blend of urea nitrogen and two iron sources designed to improve the colour and health of turf on greens, tees, fairways and football pitches. The product will provide both nutrition and help to acidify the soil profile on all turf areas. The pH value of the product is 2. The pH of the solution in the spray tank will stay at the same low level even when diluted down.

Iron is an essential minor nutrient for the turfgrass plant and is used by the plant for the synthesis of chlorophyll. The use of TourTurf FWA promotes a dark green appearance to the sward ideal for cutting the fairways and leaving a pattern. Iron is in the ferrous form (Fe++) making it more readily available to the plant. Also ideal to be used in connection with major golf- and soccer events.

The nitrogen source in the form of Ureaic (N) is readily available to the plant and has low scorch potential. Nitrogen helps promote additional growth without overstimulation excessive fertilisation.

TourTurf FWA is ideal to be incorporated into cultural management practices as TourTurf FWA is designed to lower the soil pH over time. A low pH level between 5.5 and 6.5 creates an environment suitable for the growth of the finer turf grass species.

TourTurf FWA is ideal to be incorporated into an integrated pest management strategy. An alkaline soil can encourage pest such as worm casting on the surface. Or create the ideal environment to turf diseases. Lowering the pH of soil conditions will create a less ideal environment for such problematic pests and turf diseases. Especially in an environment where the use of pesticides is restricted and undesired.


Acidification: 20 L in 500 L of water per Ha
Green up: 10 L in 500 L of water per Ha.

Order No.:

8614/200 (200 litre drums)